Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A Sewing Project

Several weeks ago I mentioned that I had acquired Marmees Camille Blouse Pattern. I was very eager to begin work on it and learn from the experience! Well.... making it was definitely a learning experience.

"Partially completed"
I'm so glad that my mother knows how to construct patterns, make patterns, and in general is a genius at sewing!! If I didn't have her to help me I don't think I would get any of my sewing projects done. To start with, we had to lengthen the sleeves as I apparently have "longer than normal arms". BUT, the advantage to this is that I learned how to "make longer arms" and how to do a blind hem!!!

The Finished Project!
I will admit that I had some difficulties in making this blouse, however, they were all on my end and not anything wrong with Marmees pattern. See, I'm still such a beginner sewer (even though I've been doing it for several years) and am just beginning to understand how sewing works. Blouses and I have never been very good friends during the production stage, but I really want to overcome this!
Mrs. Paula gave me a fresh perspective soon after I became discouraged... she said~ "I learn something every time I sew. I make mistakes, but I try not to get discouraged. If you are new to sewing, chose a pattern that is easy, and sew it several times, then you will have more confidence to move on to something else." Thank you Mrs. Paula- this was such an encouragement!

To my great delight, my friend Thelma and I learned how to do a blind hem while she was here on Saturday, which officially completed the blouse!! I was able to wear it to church on Sunday and was tickled to pieces with how the ladies liked it! The blouse is made out of Dull Satin and if you can catch it on sale or use a coupon with it, I would highly reccommend buying enough for a blouse! It feels absolutely wonderful~ I can only imagine how it's going to feel on a beautiful spring day with a breeze blowing!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

You are a beautiful and feminine young lady! Your blouse is so pretty! I love the color and fabric you used. You did an excellent job sewing it! I am glad your Momma helped you, and that you not only learned how to lengthen sleeves, but to sew a blind hem as well! I am also glad to hear your friend Thelma learned how to sew a blind hem too!

I am so very glad that I could encourage you! You are welcome!!!

Just think when you get ready to make another blouse it will go together much easier!

Thank you for this wonderful post! I also liked seeing the sweet butterfly on your pansy!

Ashley said...

Thank you for your comment Mrs. Paula! I'm glad you liked the blouse. I do have plans to make another and get to know the pattern really well!!
Yes, having Thelma learn with me a special treat! I hope enjoyed herself as much as I did.

Paula said...

You are so welcome!!! I am so glad you are going to make another one. It fits you so well. Isn't that a wonderful thing about sewing your own clothing? You can choose your own fabric, patterns and make it to fit perfectly! I also like that we can sew modest and feminine clothing.

I know your friend, Thelma, enjoyed herself as much as you did!

Lauren Christine said...

(de-lurking!) :)

It's beautiful! I too have been sewing for a few years and I can get very frustrated. It's nice to know that others feel the same. Lovely work!

Ashley said...

Lauren Christine,
Hello!! Thank you for delurking and letting me know you're there!!
Wow... I'm not alone in my sewing "struggles".. I thought it was just me that didn't quite understand what was going on all the time!
Thank you for your comment!