Tuesday, March 11, 2008

From My Garden

Before I get to the gardening part of this post, I'd like to share a few pictures that made me laugh and smile!

"I have been under allot of stress"
This is Jasper.... Just to give you an idea of his size- he weighs over fifty pounds and is probably the size of a Lab. He's a "pound puppy" and is pretty much spoiled rotten!
Sunday evening found me staying home from church with Sayre, who was feeling awful. I took it into my head to clean out my closets and so began pulling everything out. Jasper was on the bed, then moved to under the bed, and finally decided that the top of the stairs was the safest place for him! Apparently I had way to much stuff pulled out for him to be comfortable with!! I had to laugh when I watched all this take place!

"Lila and Little Miss Moo Moo"
Lila is also my dog and is the same size as Jasper. She stays outside all the time and is the biggest sweetheart you have ever seen!! She would sit all day in your lap (if you allowed it) if you would lavish her with attention!
I found Lila and the calf "hanging out" together yesterday afternoon, and since this is a rare occurrence, I thought I would post a picture of it!!!

Now onto the gardening part!!

Daddy had bought me two more Phlox plants at my request last Thursday, and it wasn't till yesterday that I got them planted. I don't know if you can see the "trench" that I dug.... I put some bricks in there in order to keep the dirt from washing off the plants.

I'm calling this little area my "Spring Time Garden" as I put in iris rhizomes and a bunch of daffodil bulbs!! You add in the Creeping Phlox and it's going to be ablaze with color next spring!! I can't wait!

I also decided that it was time to get my Elephant Ear Bulbs in. I know, it's a little earlier than when the recommended planting time is, but I know that these are planted deep enough that if we were to get another frost, they wouldn't be harmed.
This is the newer section of my garden and also the shadier. I planted three bulbs on each side of the path; you can probably see the holes or the pile of dirt! I also planted the "leftovers" behind my bench..... I can't wait to see if they come up!

I had several plants that didn't die back at all this winter. All three of my Foxglove plants are alive and thriving which I find amazing! This plant in particular seemed to get bushier and bushier as the winter went on!! Two of the plants bloomed last summer and I've heard that they won't bloom this summer. Matter of fact, I've heard that they are suppose to die after the summer that they bloomed. Can anyone tell me if this is true?
My Columbine seemed to gain momentum this winter also! It struggled along last summer so I'm amazed that it's still alive. Maybe it will bloom this summer!
Mrs. Greene let me pull up some daisy like plants from her yard last summer and these little guys are from the seeds that fell!!! Oh excitement!!!

Even my strawberry plants are deciding to get in on the action!!! It's a little early for them to bloom though...

And of course the weather is perfect for the pansies to be in full bloom!!
Oh the joys of gardening!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
What a lovely post! The joys of gardening, indeed!!!

First, I loved the picture of Jasper at the top of the stairs, and of Lila and Little Miss Moo Moo (too cute!). Such sweet pictures! I am so thankful the Lord gave us animals to enjoy as part of our family! I hope Sayre is feeling better!

Your garden is so beautiful! I love the phlox. You have everything arranged so nicely. I love the rock edging.

I read in Gardening with Heirloom Seeds that, "Foxgloves are biennials, so they will produce mostly foliage in their first year. In their second year, they should bloom nicely. Keeping the stalks cut to the base after the flowers fade will encourage more flowering side shoots to grow."

The author did not state if the die after blooming , but yours looks so healthy! I also read that they will reseed themselves generously in the right conditions, just be sure to allow some of the dried flowers to remain on the plants and the ripened seeds will drop when they are ready.

I enjoyed the tour of your beautiful garden! Everything looks so pretty and healthy! You have a gift for gardening!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Thank you for your comment!! Sayre is feeling much better although I'm wondering if that has to do with cleaning fish that his older brother caught AND going on a frog hunt at the pond!!! He's been saying he's bored (he's been inside reading ever since Sunday!) so I bet he was glad for a change of pace!
Thank you for the information on Foxglove; that was really helpful! It does explain why they have been vigorous foliage producers!!! I did let some of the flowers dry on the stem last summer so it shall be interesting to see if anything comes up!!!