Thursday, March 6, 2008

Shapshots from Wednesday

On Wednesdays' you will find me in Greenville cleaning, running errands, having a music lesson, chauffeuring someone else to a music lesson, and in general having a busy day!! Thankfully, this only occurs once a week! Yesterday was no exception, well, except that something happened that I didn't figure on. I had an optometrist appointment early on in the morning and they put some stuff in my eyes to knock out my "close up vision". I couldn't look at my watch and tell you what time it was, I couldn't see what station was playing on the radio, and I simply guessed at where the arrow on speedometer was pointing. I could see distances with no problem, it was just up close. After the appointment I pulled up to the house I was cleaning and realized that there was no way I could deactivate the alarm system as I couldn't even make out the numbers on the cell phone. Thankfully my Daddy was willing to come help me (it had been a rough morning as I had also reacted to the stuff the optometrist had put in my eyes) and made me feel a whole lot better about the situation!! To steel a phrase from my Mom- "he's my knight in shining armour"!!!

Lest you think that I had an awful day, let me reassure you, it was one of the better days that I've had in town!!! Let me show you why....
"Wild Turkeys"
Daddy and I came across a flock of turkeys on our way into town!!!
We were able to see a "Tom" flare out his tail feathers which was a special treat! It was also neat because you don't normally see these birds out in the open.
"My Lunch"
Sayre packed my lunch for me! This isn't normal but as he and I were cleaning up the kitchen Tuesday night, I had him put some of the food aside for my lunch. I had him put it all in the fridge and I was going to pack it the next morning.

He came up to me later and said "Ashley, I put your crackers and cookies in this lunch box for you" (it was really sweet as it was his own lunch box and he'd taken it on himself to do it!).

Picking Daddy up from work can be interesting. These two geese hang around the front doors and are there almost every time I go and get Daddy. They act like the own the place, but here again it's neat to see them up close!

As we were driving home I was able to watch the sun set in all of its' glory!! It was beautiful! I was wearing those crazy sunglasses that you wear when your pupil is extremely enlarged (picture a panicked cat and you get the idea of what my eyes look like) and I could still see the beauty through them!!! I was unable to get a picture of it, so here's one from last week!

Even though my day started out rough, I had allot to look back on with pleasure!


Paula said...

Dear Ashley,

I am sorry to hear you had a difficult day, but I am so thankful it ended better! You have a good attitude! I enjoyed the pictures so much! I love that your Daddy was your "knight in shining armor." That is so sweet! And that your dear brother Sayre fixed your lunch in his lunch box.

I hope you eyes are doing better!

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Yes, my eyes are doing much better although the pupil is not back to it "normal" size yet and so being outside is hard to do without sunglasses. I also got new reading glasses so I'm getting used to them!!!
Thank you for your comment!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
You are so welcome! I am glad you eyes are doing better! I hope you will be used to your new reading glasses very soon!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday ashley its hard to believe that you are 24.dont forget to do a blogpost on the cake. from scc

Ashley said...

Thank You Sayre for the warm birthday wishes!!! I shall attempt to get some pictures of the cake and do a post for your personal satisfaction!! I hope you guys don't have anything else up your sleves............