Friday, March 14, 2008

From My BookShelf

I have a good many books. To state it correctly, I most likely have over one hundred and fifty books. Most of them are from my Grandmothers' collection which she left to me two years ago and all of them were published before nineteen-fifty. Grandma lived in Michigan right on the Michigan/Indiana state line, and was an avid yard saler. She has been known to get to yard sales well before the advertised opening time and help take the covers off of the tables!! I have some very fond memories of her "escapades"!!

As my Momma says, "if Grandma didn't think a particular book wasn't good enough to read a second time, she wouldn't keep it", therefore, I must have the cream of her crop of reading!!
I loved going up to Grandma's and Grandpa's because I could spend the whole week reading Gene Stratton Porter books or whatever else I thought sounded interesting!!
Gene Stratton Porter is one of my favorite "old timey" authors. I love how her books are centered around gardening and the outdoors. I always come away with a desire to have gardens like those in her books!
Let me share a few of my favorite Gene Stratton Porter books!...

"A Girl Of The Limberlost- published in 1910"
This is one of my FAVORITE books and I certainly enjoy reading it over and over again!! The movie that was made quite some time ago doesn't even do the book credit AND the movie ends less than halfway through the book.
This book also stirred my curiosity about collecting butterfly's' as it sounds like a really neat thing to do!! Have any of y'all done this?

One of the things that endears this book to me is the illustrations and art work sprinkled throughout the story. The pictures always add a special touch for me.

"The Keeper Of The Bees-published 1925"
This book is also among my favorites collection. It is the story of a wounded soldier who overhears doctors discussing that they don't expect him to recover from his wound, and the results of what hearing this prompts him to do. You will be surprised at all the twists and turns this book takes and rejoice when he finally regains his health!!

I think this book is what first got me interested in gardening!
I've bought several of my Gene Stratton Porter books over e-bay at very good prices. I prefer to buy the books that have the beautiful illustrations and art, along with not being "the normal library books" with plain covers.
I've had fun working on my collection, but the fun part about it is getting to read it over and over and over again!!!


Paula said...

Oh Ashley,
What a wonderful post!!! I love books too, and I have been wanting to read Gene Stratton Porter books for some time. I, like you, prefer the old books with the beautiful illustrations! I am going to have to search for some of her books!

Thank you so much for sharing a portion of your lovely collection that you inherited from your dear grandmother, and your fond memories you have shared with her. How delightful!!!

Paula said...


I forgot to mention something in my last comment... I subscribe to a wonderful publication called The Storybook Home. Have you heard of it? I know you would really enjoy it, and your dear Momma too! The web site is:

You will be so impressed with this family and their incredible work. They are all so talented! They paint, write, cook, garden, build, photograph, compose and play their own music. Do take a look and let me know what you think. One of my issues is A Limberlost Summer. Each issue features a different book. They have sample pages and issues listed that are available at the above link.

Ashley said...

Mrs. Paula,
Thank you for your comment. Have you read any of Gene Stratton Porters' books? If not, I know you would enjoy them!!
I went and took a look at the link you gave me and looked around for a bit. The magazines sound really neat.... I actually ordered the one you mentioned and I'm eager to see "what this is all about"! I can't exactly picture how the magazine "works" even though I looked at the sample pages! I'll let you know what I think!

Paula said...

Dear Ashley,
You are welcome! No, I have not read any of Gene Stratton Porter's books, but I plan to! They sound so wonderful!

I am glad you ordered the Limberlost Summer issue. I am sure you will enjoy it! Do let me know what you think.