Monday, December 8, 2008

At Bull Run

Bull Run has been busy the past few weeks and the gravel road leading to it, which is a dead end, is beginning to look rather packed and used. Between well drilling rigs, cattle trailers, cars, four-wheelers, and hunting vehicles it's been a busy place!

One has to simply love Trevor's sense of humor! The house is still progressing, slowly but surely.

"Offering Advice"
Trevor's electrician friends were able to begin wiring the house several weekends ago and have just a little left to do! Trevor has gotten the laundry room framed up (pictured above), part of the siding on the back put up, and worked on some technical details while waiting for the electric to get finished. With he and the electricians working on the house on the weekends, things seem to go slow, but progress is being made!

After weeks of waiting, the well drillers arrived bright and early the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! The well wound up being two hundred and sixty feet deep and took five to hours to drill. Sadly, I wasn't able to watch the process but Daddy was there and said that everything had a grey dust on it due to the ground up rock they were blasting out as they drilled.
Everything but the electric and "plumbing" is hooked up to the well and then we'll have flowing water!

"The Girls"
Tristan was able to get his heifers several weekends ago! He bought four more and then moved MooCow out there with them. Due to the good grass that she has been eating the past several months, she is much plumper than the other girls.

This should give you an idea as to how things are placed over there. Trevor's' house looks out over the pasture that the girls are in. Tristan is rotationally grazing them and has divided the pasture into several different paddocks with "electrical tape".
I'm still getting used to seeing cows out there!

"Back at the Home Front"
Little B-Moo is the only bovine left at the home place. Isn't he enough to melt your heart?! His neck and head are incredibly soft and he loves to get scratched under his chin! Sayre has finally weaned him and is now putting hay out for him to eat in addition to all the grazing he does. He and Lila are "friends" and I'll see him sleeping out in front of her dog house at times!

"Don't be Deceived..."
...this puppy is full of life and licks! They have found a new way to get your attention... it's called playing tug of war with your skirt! I had four of them doing it at once in addition to others squirming around trying to lick and chew on me. My favorite thing to do with them is to carry them around while I do stuff (one at a time mind you!). I enjoy taking them into Lila's pen and it's been interesting to see the mixture of excitement and curiosity that she exudes as we sit down.
The cat has fallen asleep in my lap and it's time for me to be off. The sewing room, and Mother, calls! Have a terrific afternoon!


Sarah said...

The ramp up to the porch is cute, Ashley! Your brother is rather creative. :)

That is exciting that the well is all drilled now! That is too bad that you were not able to be there, but at least you could hear your Dad’s tale of it. It sounds like it was dirty!

The cows are just beautiful! And little B-Moo is as cute as can be. :)

Your description of your puppies’ behavior brings back memories of when our dogs were puppies! They do like to chew, lick and grab don’t they!?

Ashley said...

Thanks for your comment Sarah! The puppies do enjoy all the biting, nipping, and pulling! I simply can't understand why they do it to me when they have toys and each other to do it to!