Monday, December 22, 2008

Family Picture...

Yesterday was family picture day here at the Castlebury's. The boys dread hearing this announcement as it means they must don dress shirts and ties instead of car-harts and t-shirts.
We had a few minutes before heading to church, so we rushed outside, thrust the camera into Thelma's waiting hands, and got lined up!
Here are the results...

Do you notice Buck?! Most of the pictures have Buck in them... belly up, feet in the air, sitting at attention, or peeking through Tristan's legs. Try having your picture taken when the normally laid back dog decides to get lively!


"The Last Picture"
Finally, a half way decent picture! Buck is gone, we're all looking at the camera, and we look somewhat presentable.
Now that I think about it, this is the only decent picture that was taken!-this was not Thelma's fault! It was ours... and Bucks!

Then it was time to leave for church... No, Tristan is not angry- that's his "happy" face!
I do believe Trevor is all pictured out.

Then there is Sawyer who has taken to making goofy faces for the camera!
The drive to church is always full of his conversation... "What's dat?", "Dat's mine cow" (meaning he wants the cow in the pasture), "where we going?", "we going to see deer?", and "look at dat twuck!" are all things that we hear! He chatters the whole way to church, the whole way home, and would chatter during the service if he was allowed!

As we headed out the door for the evening service Sawyer asked me to help him get his coat on. The only catch was green bear had to be in it with him! I managed to fit them both in the coat although green bear had to come out if Sawyer was going to get buckled in properly!

Another family picture session is over with and the boys are back in their car-harts, t-shirts, and boots. One day soon "It's time for another picture of our family" will ring through the house and we'll go through this process again! At least we have hilarious memories even if the pictures don't turn out!


Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Ashley,
my family went through that very same ordeal on Saturday as we were dressed up to go to 2 weddings soooooooo I know what it feels like.

Bethany Francostien

Sarah said...

I loved this post, Ashley! Taking family photos can be quiet the adventure, can't it?!

Sawyer sounds like such a sweetie!!! And a talker. :) I am sure you love his chatter, though!

Lydia W. said...

My family did the same thing this Sunday. It was quite an adventure, because Caleb was quite sure that he shouldn't smile... he should just frown, or make funny faces the whole time, as I'm sure you have no trouble imagining!! Oh my... but, we finally did get a good picture of the four of us kids as well as some with a few of our friends.

Sawyer is such a sweetheart! I know he brightens your lives with his fun chatter. :)

Please tell your family hi, and wish them a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of us Walkers!!

Ashley said...

Ah Bethany, I can only imagine what the "ordeal" was like with y'all. I hope y'all have at least one picture where everyone is looking and smiling!
~Miss Casserole :o)

Yes Sarah, pictures can be quite the adventure! I still can't believe that we had only one halfway decent picture...
Oh yes, Sawyer is a sweetie but I'll admit that his constant chatter can become rather irritating at times. It's a good way to practice patience and a good teaching opportunity for him as well!

Oh Lydia... as dear a boy as Caleb is, I can only begin to think of how your pictures turned out! He's such a hoot and I can just see him staring the camera down... :o)
Have a Merry Christmas Lydia! Tell everyone I said hi.