Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Mother~My Friend

When I think of my Mother my mind goes immediately to the kitchen where she and I work together most often. We have a system worked out... She cooks and I keep the kitchen cleaned-up and do what she needs to have done while the meal is being prepared. Many is the time that we've "run into" each other, "tripped" over each others' feet, or put something away just as the other needed it! We have a wonderful time talking about the serious and the fun things, goofing off, and laughing until our sides ache while preparing the meal! I love these times together and, as a result of working with my Mother, she has become my dearest friend.

"A Sawyer-Sized Breakfast"
My Mother enjoys making things special for people even if it means extra work on her part. In the past few months she has begun using her own Mothers' china for our Sunday dinner and though it means more effort on our part, the effort is worth it! With the "antique" table cloths and special china the meal becomes more than just a meal, it becomes a memory.

From the youngest to the oldest Momma loves to make things extra special. It could be a Tea Party where the "tea" is creamer and the "crumpets" are graham cracker's with left over frosting spread on top for the younger children, or it might possibly be fellowship over a cup tea in one of her antique store finds for the adults. Either way Momma will make it special.

"Mother and Daughter"
I am so thankful for my Mother and the example that she sets not only for me but for all those, young and old, around her. Her example has made me consider my own actions, whether they be pleasing to the Lord or not.

Just to list a few things that I love about my Mother:
~She is an example of Biblical womanhood.
~She is a servant to her family, putting her own wants and desires aside to serve those she loves.
~She is an endless source of creative ideas. Where they come from is beyond me!
~She loves to be with her family.
~She loves it when people come to visit.
~She isn't afraid to take a stand for what's right.

My Mother is more than just my Mother... She's my friend. My dear friend.


Amber said...

This is beautiful, Ashley. Praise God for mothers! ...and daughters who know what they have.

Lydia W. said...

What a wonderful post, Ashley! Your mom has definitely been an example, and encouragement to me, and I'm sure she has been to many others also. Moms are wonderful blessings from the Lord! Thank you for sharing this post, Ashley!
~~~Lydia W.

Sarah said...

What a beautiful and heartwarming post, Ashley! How blessed your mother is to have a daughter who appreciates and loves her so much.

Your mother sounds like such a special and godly lady! I know that I have been quite blessed by her blog (I read it from time to time :) and also from what I have seen of her through your blog. How thankful we should be to the Lord for giving us such dear mothers!

Ashley said...

Amber- Yes, Praise God for our mothers! What a blessing and example they are to us!

Lydia- Momma was touched with your sweet comment. Thank you!

Sarah- My Mom is a special lady... I wish you could meet her and see how wonderful she is!
"How thankful we should be to the Lord for giving us such dear mothers"... I so agree!

Miss Lila in Atlanta said...

What a wonderful tribute to your mother. It brought tears to my eyes! Your mom is fortunate to have such a loving, loyal daughter.
I too, am fortunate to have two, spiritual, beautiful daughters. There is a special bond between mothers and daughters, wouldn't you say? Thank you for sharing your feelings with us.

miss Lila in Atlanta

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Ashley,
I know exactly what you mean!!! My mother is my best friend and we get along wonderful. Thanks again.

~Bethany francostien