Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Recent Projects

Lots of projects have been in the works not only this week but also during the past several weeks!

"Spreading Gravel"
Our driveway has been in desperate need of some fresh gravel for some time now despite Collin "grading" it out several times. Yesterday, fresh gravel was delivered and Collin has spent a good part of today spreading and smoothing it out. Sawyer has really enjoyed the gravel; the piles are the perfect place to play with dump trucks, back-hoes, and tractors! It's a little boys' dream come true!

"Lots of Progress"
Oh Friends... Trevor's' house passed its' inspection on the inspectors first visit! Wow! Trevor must be an incredible carpenter!
Trevor had someone all lined up to come hang the drywall and since he was "in the neighborhood" Daddy had him come hang drywall in the framed up closets. This room has just been sitting for months and it's so neat to see something done to it! Next on the list is to put the trim and baseboard up, prime and then paint it! It's almost done!

"Anybody Need a Puppy?"
We slowly but surely getting our act together on the puppy sign. After Momma wrote the words out for me (I cannot write in a straight line with large letters) I traced the letters with black paint. Both sides have been done and one side looks much better than the other! :o)
Would anyone like a puppy? They're really cute!

"Ham-Mans' Blanket"
I finished the blanket stitching on Sawyers' blanket weeks ago and have it all wrapped up and under the Christmas tree. I think it's safe to say that he has forgotten that this is his! He can't figure out what's in the package! He's thrilled that there is something for him under the tree and points in out (or drag it out) to us when ever he thinks about it! You should see his eyes...!

"Mittens, Mittens, and More Mittens"
I have mittens oozing out my ears. The finished ones are hanging off of various items through out the living room and kitchen area. The halfway done mittens were residing on an end table with the buttons and floss. The yet to be done mittens live in a box that is sitting in my sewing chair. Mittens are everywhere!

I've been trying to get this framed for several weeks but have been unable to locate the perfect frame. I'll be taking it to a frame shop next week in hopes that they can help me locate the frame I need. Mom and I can't wait to see how it looks framed!
With these hand projects done, I can now focus on others such as a bag, another cross-stitch, and the pile of fabric that has accumulated in the past month. I love staying busy!
I hope each of you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!


Sarah said...

You all have been busy, Ashley! And it looks like a lot has been able to be accomplished. :)

Yes, I would imagine that Sawyer would enjoy the gravel piles! It must be nice to have your driveway all graded with fresh gravel down!

That is wonderful that Trevor's house passed the inspection the first time!. That was probably a relief for him. The room you all are working on looks very nice! Is the floor stone?

Your Mom did a good job lettering the sign and you did a good job painting it! Hopefully it will bring in several to-be puppy owners! :)

Was Sawyer excited about his blanket? I would imagine so!

The little mitten is cute - you did a good job making them! (by the way - the framed poem is such a good reminder!)

Your cross-stitch looks lovely! I look forward to seeing your other projects as they progress.

I hope that you have a wonderfully blessed evening with your family!

Ashley said...

Ah yes Sarah, it is wonderful to have fresh gravel down. There is a down side though... all the "mud puddles" are filled in and I can no longer experience the thrill of barrelling (sp?) through mud and water as I come down the driveway! :o)

Yes, the the room you were asking about does have a stone floor. We call it "the stone room". It was used as a "florida room" before we moved in, but we another use for it.

Yes, Sawyer was excited over his blanket! He said he was going to wrap his bears up in it! :o)
Have a terrific day!

Anonymous said...

Well, what about the ring - engagement ring??? Are you gonna post about it? It's time, right??? The house is going up, inspections passed, so, it's gotta be now.

Ashley said...

Anonymous- Well, I wanted to give them a chance to announce it before I said anything! I'll post it in a few days, but until then visit Thelma's blog
for more information!

Thelma said...

Thank you for taking the picture for us... :) And all the other things you are continuously doing!!!