Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Bit of Catching Up

As Sunday was drawing to a close and I started making the list of things to accomplish for this week, I realized that this was going to be a busy busy week. With Grandma coming to visit there are just some things that need to get done, and the sooner I started working on them the better!

Monday dawned cool, cloudy, and dreary looking, not very promising, but it turned into a very productive day! Momma had Sayre working with me and between the two of us we spent the morning scrubbing the upstairs bathroom from floor to ceiling in addition to going through, re-arranging, and cleaning up the shop.

As we cleaned my mind kept coming back to the thought "we probably ought to go ahead and paint the bathroom" and as I shared this thought with Momma she agreed. She made a comment about the green I painted my room being a good color for the bathroom so I went searching to see if we had enough paint left over from that project to do something with. We had almost a whole gallon left, just enough for the bathroom! Collin volunteered himself to roll the walls when he heard what we were up to and we were set!

"Our Volunteer Roller"
To make a long story short, the bathroom got painted on Monday! Painting wasn't even on the "to do list" for the week, but things just worked out that way!

Tuesday found Sayre and I painting the trim a glossy white and re-installing all the hardware that we had taken off of the walls. The glossy white trim really pulled the room together and will make keeping the baseboards a lot easier! I'm so pleased with how it turned out; as Trevor described the end result "It looks so cheerful now!"

"Working Together"
Sayre's job for today was cleaning out the stone room in anticipation of getting the new part sheet rocked in the next few days. This room has been the catch all for the tools, paint, and stuff we don't know what to do with ever since we moved in and he had his hands full with sorting it all out! He got Sawyer involved after lunch and the two of them had fun running in and out the back door with arm loads of stuff!

In the midst of all the painting, cleaning, organizing, and everyday happenings that are going on, we have still found time to put up some Christmas decorations. I put the lights on the tree yesterday and Momma has pulled out the manger scene, candle wreaths, and various other decorations.

"Free Puppies"
The puppies are officially up for adoption. At almost eight weeks old the are nothing but bundles of energy and sweetness! They can be trouble but I think the sweetness outweighs the trouble! :o) Sam was adopted by some friends of ours on Monday and I'm so happy that he has gone to such a good home! Collin has adopted one for his own...

... and we're now reliving the whole puppy experience! He's crate training him and last night was his first night in the house. He didn't stop howling until sometime between one and two o'clock this morning so I was eagerly anticipating my early morning cup of coffee (which is my one and only cup of the day)! We know why he was crying/howling and have since rectified the problem; we're hoping that he's much quieter tonight!
He's such a good puppy and has taken to crate training even better than Jasper did. He's very sociable, very playful, and just a bundle of sweetness!
That pretty much wraps up the past several days. If there is a large amount of time between this post and the next it's probably because we're in the midst of getting sheet rock put up, have a project going, or just so busy that I have no time for leisure!
Have a terrific evening!


Lydia W. said...

That picture of Trevor and Thelma is quite interesting.... :)

The bathroom looks really good! I love the shower curtain! :)

Aww. The puppies are soo cute! wish we could have one, but as I think I mentioned before, Lauren is alergic. Because of this, we can't have a puppy. :( Oh well... Maybe sometime after all of the Christmas rush is over, we could come over and play with your puppy. :)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas! Please wish all of your family a very Merry Christmas from all of us Walkers!

Sarah said...

What a fun update, Ashley! :) That is exciting that your Grandma is going to come visit you! I am sure you all are looking forward to that.

The bathroom looks great! The colors blend so well together, and it looks so cheery.

The photo of Sayre and Sawyer working together reminds me of us, as we have done so many construction projects together. The drywall with "mudspots" especially! :)

I hope that you are able to find wonderful homes for the rest of the puppies! I am glad that Sam found a good one. I hope that the crate-training is going better! Oh, the joys of having a puppy inside. :)

Ashley said...

Yes Lydia, you know how Trevor is... full of life and goofiness! :o)

I too wish y'all could have a puppy but I understand how allergies go. Y'all would really enjoy them though!

I hope y'all have a great Christmas!

Yes Sarah, we are looking forward to Grandma coming for a little bit! Us kids have plans while Mom and Dad are gone... :o)

I hadn't even noticed the "mud spots" on the walls until you pointed them out! I must be used to them! We would love to get this room primed before Christmas that way it's one step closer to completion!

Crate Training is going pretty well! He was only up twice last night and doesn't howl and carry on like he did the first night! He's a hoot... a hoot that's always into something! :o)