Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Of Boys and Dogs...

The past few days have been busy but fun too! Collin and Sayre are keeping me on my toes with their goofy quips and random acts. For example...

This is what I found several minutes ago! I'm not sure why a towel is being taped across a window but it sure tickled my funny bone when I started up the stairs!

"The Things I Find..."
I'm trying to learn to not sweat the small stuff! Since they can't put it in the Laundry Room, it goes on the back porch!
We've had the opportunity to host "guests" the past several days. Ezra, Luke, and Samuel were here on Sunday and then once again yesterday afternoon. With all the rain we've had recently, mud pits and ponds have a tantalizing "aroma" for all five of the boys.
I've included a video taken on one of the digital cameras'; you should get the general idea of what goes on when these boys get together!

I've had such a blast with my brothers and the visiting Greene boys! Even if it does mean that I have to get creative with dinner, I'm loving every minute of it! :o)

It's been some time since I posted pictures of the dogs and puppies...

"I'm DONE!"
Do you notice those long ears???!
At nine and a half weeks of age they are getting to be quite a handful! Two have found homes away from here but it is still a challenge to get into the dog pen with six puppies clamoring around your feet. They are little cuddle bugs and will lick or nip your face as you hold them.

"Miss Personality"
This little lady is the most affectionate of all the puppies. She's the first to come running and the biggest licker ever! She's very playful (I caught her batting Buck's tail yesterday!) and loves a good romp with the other dogs.

"The Gangs' All Here"
Jasper, Lila, and Buck are as goofy as ever and, as you can tell, they have a hard time "co-operating" for the camera! Buck just wanted to nap, Lila had a hard time controlling herself, and Jasper was in one of his "ugh, I don't want my picture taken" moods. This was the best we could do!

So far today the boys and I have been to town and back. Supper preparations are mostly ready and I'll just need to mix up some French Bread dough about an hour before dinner. The rest of the afternoon will be spent... cutting out John John's or maybe finishing my blouse.


Laura said...

It looks like they are having so much fun driving into that pond. lol

Sarah said...

Yeah! Another post! And it was very much enjoyed. :)

The video was hilarious! I was wondering where they were riding to and laughed out loud when seeing that the were riding in to the pond!!! I would imagine that that would have been a mite cold!

Did you ever figure out why the towel was taped across the window? That is a rather curious thing to do! :)

The puppies are all as cute as can be! That is wonderful that you were able to find homes for two of them. Hopefully that will be the case with the rest of them too!

The photo of Jasper, Lila and Buck is quite funny! They look so disinterested. They're probably thinking something along the lines of "Here Ashley goes again!" ;) :)

Thank you for sharing all the photos and the video! :)

Ashley said...

Laura- Thank you for your comment! You should have heard all the hollering and laughing that was going on during that little escapade! I was inside and I could hear it all!

Sarah- I glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, I do believe the water was rather cold despite our temperatures being in the upper sixties to lower seventies that day!
I did find out what the towel was for...Sayre has tropical fish upstairs and the algae in the tank has been multiplying at an amazing rate lately. He had noticed that the tank was in the sun for several hours a day so the towel was a "shade" for the tank. We wound up moving the tank to a more shady location. The towel is still taped up though! :o)
Have a terrific day!

Rebekah said...

Hey Ashley,
Sounds like you've had your hands full...
I love the video too. it looks like something that would happen around here!
the puppies are getting so big, but the're still sooooo cute!

Ashley said...

Yes Rebekah, I've had my hands full but it's been great!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys okay over there??? Haven't heard from you at all this year. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so never mind my question about have you been okay - and haven't heard from you this year. Somehow, the "bookmark" to your page got stuck and I kept getting just this post. I hadn't seen one of the January updates. I've got that fixed on my end now, so ..... Glad to hear that you're still there.