Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Of Puppies & Christmas Music

Yes, I am aware that the title to this post is rather interesting! However, my mind has been cooking up posts about both of these subjects and I need to free up "the little grey cells" in order to for me to think about other things!

Let me show you the puppies first!

"She's got Foooooood!"
I love going out to the dog pen now that the puppies are roaming around! All I have to do I yell "Here Pups!" and I'll see eight little heads pop up, watch me come in, and then charge at me!

"Puppy Excitement
This is what it looks like as we walk over to the house. They have a tendency to get underfoot and get stepped on, but more often than not I will have a long line of black excited pups strung out behind me!

I'm learning that if you want to keep your clothes clean you must leave the pen as soon as they have finished eating. Otherwise you will have tan nose marks all over your skirtwhich are a result of them eating soggy dog food!

They are teething and chew anything that they can get. I like to let them crawl all over me, but I have to watch out as they chew/pull your clothes, bite your ankles, and lick to no end!

This little girl is the ringleader of the bunch. She's one of the first to come running as I enter the pen, she's the most playful, and stays awake the longest.

This is "Sam-I-Am" who is the one I've gotten a little attached to. He's very laid back but loves to play and wrestle. He seems to know who I am as he's the only one who will voluntarily crawl in my lap and sit for a time. He loves to be to be cuddled and carried around in your arms. He is a sweet heart!

Momma dog is doing well but I think she's rather anxious for her pups to leave. I'm cutting her food back a little more each day as the puppies are going through the weaning process. If Maggie looks a little melancholy in this picture, it is because she got in trouble earlier in the day which led to her being more subdued than normal.
The puppies will be six weeks old this Saturday; I can't believe how fast the time has gone by. It's amazing the different personalities and physical traits that are all mixed together. There are three that are of the "blob" build (thick, eat allot, rolly-polly, the biggest of the bunch), three that are of medium build, and two that are smaller in stature. Most of them have long floppy ears while several of them have "normal" looking ears. All eight of them have big paws so it shall be interesting to see what they look like as they get older! I've had so much fun with them!

Now onto Christmas Music portion of this post! :o)
I love listening to Christmas music so I have had to make a rule for myself..."no Christmas music until after Thanksgiving"! As I was looking through my Cd's I realized that I have some good recordings and thought I would share them with you!

For years I had heard carols from this recording on the local radio station but was unable to find the recording. Three winters ago my search ended and I found this in the most unsuspecting of places. This CD is my all time favorite for Christmas! (note: if you scroll all the way down to the bottom of the link, you can listen to clips of the songs)
Christmas Meditations
Done by Sacred Music Services and features full orchestra. I love the rich tones that the orchestra has, and my mind is always drawn to the words as I hum along.
The Irish Tenors: Home for Christmas
The "activity" in many of the carols, the harmony, and the selection of carols are terrific! My favorites on this CD are "While Shepherd Watch Their Flocks", "O Holy Night", "Silent Night", and the "Medley". It is a rather loud CD which is perfect for singing as you do housework!
A Christmas Star
The Cambridge Singers and Orchestra directed by John Rutter is the perfect "background" CD. As I listen my mind paints the picture of the stable in Bethlehem with the star shining above it.
I hope you have a wonderful day!


Sarah said...

Oh, Ashley! They are too adorable and cute! How far is it to South Carolina???!!! ;) :) What delight they must bring to you, though also a great deal of work!

I would agree with you, Sam-I-Am not only sounds like a little sweetie, but he is as cute as can be!

Maggie does have a rather pitiful look on her face . . . she also looks a little tired!

So you also enjoy acoustic guitar music? I think this instrument is just beautiful! I love to hear my guitarist family members play.

I hope you have a wonderful evening!

Ashley said...

*Chuckle* Sarah you are welcome to pick up a puppy any time you want even though it is probably a 12-16 hour drive here!

Yes I do enjoy the puppies but will admit that at times I have not enjoyed the rain and cold that I have had to go out in. Sayre has done allot to help out, and I can always count on him to feed everyone when I am unable.

You know, I put the wrong link to the New American Guitar Ensemble CD but that's ok! Many of the songs that are listed on the linked CD are also on the one I have (the one I should've linked to doesn't have any clips that you can listen to). Trevor has played the guitar in years past and I too enjoyed listening to him. He's looking into getting another guitar (his was damaged when we moved) soon and I can't wait to hear him playing again!

Have a wonderful day Sarah!

Anonymous said...

Those puppies are soooo cute!!! Makes me want one!

Ashley said...

Welcome to my blog Amber! Oh.... the puppies are so much cuter in real life! :o)

Maiden4Christ said...

Dear Ashley,
The puppies are beautiful.
I had a question, where did you acquire the guitar cd? My mother wanted to know so she could get it for Caleb for Christmas.
Thanks for your help,
~Bethany Francostien

Ashley said...

Bethany- I bought the CD from the BJ Bookstore oh... three years ago so I have no idea if they still carry it. I didn't see it on their website. I know you can find it on Amazon (the link I posted is the wrong one so search for A Collection of Favourite Chrismas Carols by The New American Ensemble).
Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Love the Irish Tenors! I have gone to 2 of their concerts and got to meet them - on account of my friend playing in their orchestra. Very nice, gentlemanly fellows. Hope you have a lovely Christmas season!