Friday, December 5, 2008

Winter "Gardening"

Since winter is upon us and outdoor gardening has come to a close, my mind begins to focus more on the plants that I have inside. I have plants that are strictly indoors, plants that I'm rooting as an experiment, and plants that I have brought in from the back porch. Having plants indoors makes the house to look more relaxing and inviting.

"Left to Right: Jade Plant, Orchid, Confederate Rose"
As I perused through a gardening book, I came across a list of plants that are easy to root , so I thought "let's see if I can do this"! So far I've rooted a Jade plant and a Confederate Rose. The Jade plant has been a easy plant to root, to which I'm thrilled (the cutting was taken from my Grandpa's plant that was given to my Mom). I've had to stake it as it has a tendency to grow crooked, but it is looking really good!
The Confederate Rose was easy to root as well but I think it is dying back for the winter as the leaves have withered but the stem is still green when you scrape bark off.
No, I did not root the orchid! I bought it from Home Depot four years ago and have enjoyed it so much! It hasn't bloomed in over a year so I re potted it and started regularly "feeding" it orchid "food". Early last week I found that it was sending up a "flower stalk" (I'm not sure what you call it), so I should have blooms in a month or so!!! Yay!

"Christmas Blooms"
I love Amaryllis' and always pick up a bulb from the Jackson Perkins store when I have the chance (they are on sale mind you)! The amaryllis on the right bloomed last year and even though I know it won't bloom this year (they bloom every three years) I thought it would be neat to see what it did.
The amaryllis on the left was planted about three weeks ago and I've been astounded at it's rapid growth! I haven't measured the stalk but it's over two feet tall now and continues to grow! The bud has begun to open and you can see the flowers inside! I love to observe plants growing; I feel like I'm a part of the process!

"Last Year's After Christmas Find"
For the past several years, I cleaned house for a lady who was "in society" and I had the chance to observe what kind of gifts were given at Christmas among these folks. I found that Rosemary Trees and these really cute Norfolk Island Pine trees were often giving as gifts. I found a Norfolk Island pine in the clearance section at Home Depot last year and quickly picked it up. The feathery structure of this plant is so beautiful!
Monday's are watering day for all the plants (amaryllis' get watered every other day) and I'm finding that the shower head in the bathtub gets the job done really quick!

The following pictures have nothing to do with plants but I just had to include them!

"What's Next?"
I took two of the "blobs" out to visit Momma and Sawyer as they worked in her garden. They enjoyed weaving their way through the brussel sprout plants and dragging cauliflower leaves all over the place!

"Takin' a Break"
Look at how big their paws are! Yikes...


Proverbs 31 said...

Ashley those puppies look so cute!!! Your plants look great too I'm afriad I kill mine with kindness lol!!! Marie x

Sarah said...

What a fun post, Ashley! You certainly have a green thumb. :) I love all your houseplants and that is amazing how much your Amaryllis has grown!

Once again, the puppies are adorable! They keep getting cuter and cuter (if that can be possible!)

Anonymous said...

You should try african violets! They're sooo easy. If you know someone with a plant, ask them for a leaf. Fill a container with dirt, and be sure it has holes in the bottom (always water violets from the bottom by putting them in a dish of water. IF you water from the top they can rot). Even a dixie cup will work - if you poke a hole in the bottom with some scissors. Then, make a hole and stick the stem of the leaf in and secure with dirt. Keep watered. Within two months, you'll see new growth pushing up from below. When the new growth is big enough, you can pinch off the old leaf. Later, you can transfer the new plant to a real pot. They do best in a four inch self watering pot (Wal-Mart has them in the spring/summer for less than $5.00).

If you don't know someone with a violet, just buy one you like at the store - they're usually quite inexpensive. You can pinch off a leaf and start more plant to give away.

One final word: it'll be about a year before your plant is really full-grown and will flower.

You can also get mini and micro-mini violets that are just darling. They do best in 2 inch pots (very hard to find, but some sellers on ebay have mini violet pots).

Ashley said...

Marie x- The frosts seem to have gotten the majority of the plants that have already bore their fruit, but amazingly the brussel sprouts and cabbage just keep going!

Sarah-Thank you! :o) Your amaryllis will be amazing you before to much longer so stay on your toes! :o)
Yes, the pups get cuter and cuter with each passing day!

Anonymous- Thank you for your comment! I had been thinking about getting a african violet but ours always die I wasn't wasn't to sure about getting another one. I know we watered ours from the top so I bet that was the problem. You've inspired me... I'm going to find someone to get a leaf from OR I'm going to find one at "good" 'ol walmart!
Your comment was very helpful and informative. Thank you!