Friday, December 12, 2008

Just a Moment...

Look what's beginning to bloom!

I've been able to observe one of my amaryllis buds slowly begin to open all week! Yesterday I noticed a change every several hours so I brought it downstairs for everyone to watch and enjoy!

This morning we found it almost open and another well on it's way to opening! I believe that it still has a little farther to open as the edges of the petals are still "crinkly" looking and some of them just haven't flared out enough. I don't know about the rest of my family, but I sure love watching these flowers open!
I thought this amaryllis was going to be white... apparently not! It's still a beautiful color!
I have two more bulbs in the refrigerator; I think it's time to pot one of them for more blooms in a month. Excitement, Excitement!


Sarah said...

Oh! How exciting! It is just beautiful, Ashley! Thank you for sharing!

Ashley said...

You are so welcome Sarah! I've been so excited to watch it bloom that I just had to share it!
I have another bulb that I'll be potting today, so I should have more blooms in a month!

A Heart of Praise said...

It's very pretty! :)

By the way there is an award for you over on my blog. :)

Ashley said...

Thank you for the award! A Heart of Praise