Friday, October 5, 2007

The Addition

Almost a year ago we began working on a addition to the back of the house. Mom and I have cleaned up red mud, dealt with sawdust and drywall dust, and sometimes felt that the end would never come! We are seeing the end becoming a reality and are so excited! I don't know what all is left, but it looks almost complete!!!
This is what the house looked like before the addition began.

Doesn't it look nice? The room that juts out on the right is the kitchen, the set of "double doors" that open out on the deck lead to the Dining Room, and the room here on the left is the "stone room" (called that since it has a stone floor).

I think that we came out over ten feet from the house, and the porch sits right in front of where the old deck would've been. Please pardon the ladder in the back ground. I would've moved it but it was leaning against the tin roof and I really didn't want to get the sensation that I get when you scrape fingernails down a chalkboard.
When you walk up onto the porch you will most likely encounter "the welcoming committee". He opens the door when he hears anyone or anything drive up.

This is the entry. If you walk to the left you will go into the kitchen and if you go right you walk into the laundry room. Don't the hardwood floors look nice??? Trevor and "the boys" installed them and Daddy stained and varnished them! They are really sharp!

Looking into the Laundry room (tile floor) and then on into Momma's sewing room.

Trevor worked on the molding last week and created a "fancy-schmancy" dryer vent for us! That's the first thing Momma has been pointing out to visitors this week!!

Well, "that's all folks". I'll post an update when we paint or maybe even when we officially "move in"!

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