Friday, October 19, 2007

Hunting Season

One of Tristan and Collins' things to do this time of year is to deer hunt. First, bow season opens, the muzzle loader, and then shotgun (or what ever it is!). Collin did a little bit of hunting with each opening, but it wasn't until the shotgun season opened that he got totally immersed in it! Apparently it's easier to get a deer with a shot gun as opposed to a muzzle loader. Anyway.....

"First Deer of the Season"

Shotgun opened last Thursday and Collin got a nice sized doe! She was an older deer so the meat will be a little tougher. He was so excited to have FINALLY got a deer!!

"The Ultimate"!

Last night was the thriller though!!! He apparently scared up some deer right off the edge of our field and saw what he thought was an four point so he ran around to intercept it and took a shot at it. When he saw it was down he ran back to the house for "help" and to get the truck. When "the boys" (Daddy is included in that statement!) got back to the deer Collin saw that it wasn't a four point......... it was an EIGHT POINT!!! He was excited beyond all reason! He called Seth and Trevor to give them the good news and then sent a picture to another friend to prove that he really did shoot it!!

"Grinding the meat"

Since we don't have things set up to process deer, the boys take them over to the Greene's. Collin wound up spending the night there as the Greene men had gotten three deer of their own; they were up until 12:30 last night processing the deer.

"Men in the Kitchen"

Seth brought him home earlier this afternoon, and they proceeded to grind the meat, make cube steak, and cut meat for jerky. I think we also got a roast out of it (actually, I know we did but I don't know enough about what went on to state that as a fact!).

Seth is one of Sawyers' favorite people! He goes around saying "Se, Se, Se......." when ever Seth is here!
The boys only ground up half of the deer so Collin has a bit more work to do, in addition to the grinding of the deer he got last week...... Poor Tristan has yet to even be able to take a shot at a deer. Maybe tonight will be his night!!!
I apologize if the deer pictures bother anyone. It's not my intent to cause distress among anyone.

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