Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Mornings

Fall is my favorite season! Well, it is until spring rolls around! Fall is when everything seems to change; the days get shorter, the air is crisp, we cook "fall like" foods, and the sun changes positions! The sun "changing" it's position is my favorite aspect! Everything looks different and even crisp and clean for a change! Sun rise and sun set are my favorite times to observe this.

The sun touches the tops of the trees

This is what I see looking out my bedroom window, but in a much larger form. It was around 8:00 when I took these pictures, but it looks much earlier to me.

I love how everything is becoming "warm and bright".

The sun has risen!

Everything went from "gray" to bright with in the space of fifteen minutes! I am always amazed at the beauty of Gods' creation. I'm reminded of the song "All Things Bright and Beautiful" very often these days! I only wish I could find the music for it..

Since I'm telling you about "Fall Mornings" around here this picture fits in.... I think. I just happened to look at our roof last week and look what I found! I don't know why the ladder is wearing gardening gloves, although someone did try to explain that it because they didn't want the ladder to scrape the roof, but I'm not staking a whole lot of confidence in that explanation!

For the past several mornings I have enjoyed watching a Blue Heron that is fishing in "the pond". It's so neat to watch it stalk around and make a jump at what fish are in there. I've tried several times to sneak up on it (to get a decent picture), but he either sees me before I get close enough or a dog runs up and he flies off.

These are the prints that he leaves behind. They look larger in real life! I'm going to keep trying to get pictures of this guy! I'll post them when I do!

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