Thursday, October 18, 2007

Great Finds!

Last week was the week for some great finds!!! Don't you just love a great find?! They always encourage me to "keep hunting"! So without any further ado, let me show them to you!
I had a simple task; drop some books off at a cabinet shop and then head over to "The Pantry Shop" (in Abbeville which sells whole foods, wheat, etc.). As I was picking up the things that were needed, I happened to spy this "vase".
It caught my eye immediately because it was the perfect size to put cosmos, zinnias', and other "thin stemmed" flowers in! I don't have any vases with small enough mouths on them, so I was captivated immediately! As if being what I needed wasn't enough for me to buy it, I looked at the price tag and found that it was on sale for about half of the original cost!! That sealed it for me!! I bought it!!! There just so happens to be one more vase just like it still there, and I'm hoping that it will still be there when I go back!

The day after I went to The Pantry Shop, I was in Greenville cleaning a house. During my "lunch break" I like to visit the "Junior League" (a consignment store) where I usually find clothes for Sawyer, Sayre, and whoever else, along with finding some really nice house ware items! Well, here again I hit the jackpot! I found two sets of almost brand new pajamas plus a really nice shirt for Sawyer, a Suet feeder, and a Hummingbird feeder!! The suet feeder only cost fifty cents!!!

I had broken my hummingbird feeder not to long ago, and was trying to find one at a decent price. I'm glad I waited! This one cost me three dollars and is literally brand new! The part that holds the nectar is glass and I'm interested to see if being in the sun will cause it to cloud up. When I got the feeder home, I found the original price tag on it for twelve dollars!!!
Mom had visited "The Collectors Antique Mall" in Donald's earlier that week and had found a picture that she thought I would like. Since I had to go to the Post Office on Friday, I decided that I would run by there on my way home. Yes, I found the picture and I also "re found" this butter dish! I had noticed this dish when Mom, Dad, Trevor, and I had visited the antique mall at the beginning of August, but I had decided not to buy it then. Imagine my surprise when I found it sitting in the place that I had left it in, only this time it was HALF OFF!!! I paid fifteen dollars for it!!!! I was thrilled!!! It's a "1930's "Doric" butter dish" and we think it must have had a lid as there is a lip around the top. I still get the tingles when I think about finding it!!
Then last but not least.... Momma went to the Salvation Army Store in Greenwood and came home with a stash of books. She found the larger sized "learn how book" and has given it to me (the smaller sized book was hers when she was a girl). This book shows you how to Crochet, Knit, Embroider, and Tat and is chock full of information! I've been attempting to learn how to knit, but it's been at least a month since I've picked up the needles. I need to do something to myself (like break my leg, or pull a muscle, or.... I think you get the idea) so that I HAVE to learn how to knit! I just can't make myself slow down enough in order to learn how to knit. Then again, who is going to make soap, feed dogs, clean house, and do what I do if I do do something to myself??!

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Anonymous said...

It was so much fun to read about your "finds"! Just promice me one thing. You won't break your leg, or something like that! I hate to think what the soap would turn out like if I made it!