Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vision Forum Giveaway

Kim over a Life in a Shoe is doing a $250 Vision Forum giveaway! Go here to find out details and how to enter! You may need to scroll down a bit on the page.
Vision Forum has had a huge impact on my family over the years. This is their tenth year of business and as I looked through this years catalogue and saw the pictures of former catalogues, it hit me that we have received about every catalogue that they put out! I look back and see how the Lord brought VF into our lives just at the right time. It was soon after Momma and Daddy had found out about No Greater Joy and about the time that I began having some struggles in my life. I thank the Lord for bringing them along when he did!
So, here's what I would buy (right now!!) if I had $250!!
The Ballantyne Library (all ten books!)~$175
Another copy of So Much More~$20
I would buy allot of other things, but this contest if for VF items only (items that have the VF logo beside them).
If you would like to receive a free Vision Forum Family Catalogue, you can request one here
I highly recommend anything the Vision Forum sells and have found myself personally challenged through their products and their conferences!

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