Saturday, October 13, 2007

An Afternoon Walk

Living on twenty-two acres gives person plenty of room to roam around, but if you get to used to it there's always the surrounding countryside to see! I'm still roaming our acres although Sayre and I have roamed other places.... Here are some of the places that my walk will take me.

The Dam- Before I went for a walk Sayre asked me to watch his fire so he could go get a nail. He was making fish traps and need to punch holes in it.

Buck and Lila-the dogs had their noses to the ground most of the time as they could smell the deer and were eager to get on "the trail"!

A good part of our acreage is in planted pine. I love walking or running through it and seeing all the rows! When we first moved in none of the ground under the pines was cleared. Tristan spent last winter and the spring clearing all of the scrub brush that was under them. It looks like a park now!

Tristan's cabin. He has built it all by himself; Yes, he has somehow gotten those logs all on top of each other without any other human help! He's waiting on rooffing materials (he isn't putting any money into it) so he can finish the roof; I think he has windows........

This is the graveyard. Momma has wanted a family graveyard instead of a burial plot in a non-personal cemetery for sometime, and she now has her dream! So far there is a duck and a rabbit who have taken out ground for their own personal use. Once again the boys had to clear all of this before anything could happen!

Buck, after our walk. Do you see his "smile lines"? He's so happy here! To think that he used to be a skinny, skittish dog who was scared to death if you came near him; now look at him! He's the epitome of "livin' in the lap of luxury" (as dogs would consider it!). He's a terrific dog!

This is a very common scene these days. The grass is dry and ready to be cut, so the tractors and balers are out in force!! Actually, this guy comes by quite often; they seem to cut their grass really frequently, which is very surprising as we haven't had very much rain this summer.

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