Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SugarFoot Festival

This Saturday, The WashBasin has a booth at the Sugarfoot Festival in Honea Path South Carolina!

This is our first event to take soap to, although other people have taken it to their fairs or festivals! Mom has been planning our booth out for several weeks now, and it looks like she has finally got it down!! We will be using this piece of furniture as the "centerpiece" of the booth. I'm not sure what it is....... I just know we're using it! Momma is filling it with all kind of sweet smelling soaps, lotions, lip butters (I think), and who knows what else!! It will look very nice when it's all decorated at the festival!

We will also have other diplays set up. Marmee has given us several of her products to feature which will go in the "kitchen collection" display.

Momma has also been cooking up some Fragrence spray that is worth coming to smell!! The soap shoppe usually smells terrific, but with all the concocting Momma has been doing it smells like a dream!!! Rose, gardenia, Lily, Sweet Pea.......... ohhhhhhh, you must come smell our booth!!!

The cat is laying on the keyboard, her tail is moving the mouse around, and she's biting me so it's definately time to publish this and go fill her food bowl!! Have a terrific day!

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