Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm Free!

It's over....It's over....It's over!!! The soap is FINALLY packed and Mom has delivered it!!! I can live again!!!! I have time to blog! I have time to garden!! I have time to play with the dogs!!! I have time to do (guess what?!) HOUSEWORK!!!!! I have time again!!!

Can you tell I'm excited????! I can't tell you how I feel!!! Mom and I spent yesterday afternoon together wrapping soap, swapping stories, talking about how the Lord has worked through all of this, and in general having a real good time even though we were under pressure. I wouldn't have traded it for anything even if I had the option of trading it for "no pressure".

I made one-hundred fifty-four bars of soap for this order (not counting the half bars.)and put together six soap samplers. Sawyer spent allot of time "helping". He's really good about sitting still and playing with his cars or writing on his pad of paper. Sometimes he would pick up a bar of soap to let me smell it, then he would smell it! It was cute!

He did have his goofy moments though! I do believe he's trying to avoid his picture being taken here!

I can't wait to get back out in my garden! The poor plot of land has been so neglected..... Mommas roses are hopefully coming in today and both of us are so eager to get them in the ground!! I will be taking lots of pictures from here on out, so stay tuned!!!

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