Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Wonderful day!

Monday was the first day in literally weeks that I have had where time is abundant!! I had no soap to wrap, no soap to make, nothing related to soap to worry about, and a whole day in which to accomplish great things!!! I started off with a relaxed time with my Bible, the dog, the cat, and of course a nice hot cup of coffee all up on my bed!!! Then we moved on to house work (I say we because Jasper and the cat have taken to being where ever I am!) and I felt like I was accomplishing major things!! Doing housework gives me a satisfied feeling; I'm making something look better or wiping away germs or making the house more of a home.
After the housework was done, I worked on getting a skirt cut out. It took me much longer than I planned due to the little person pictured above, but we both had fun in the process!

Sawyer really enjoyed pulling the pins out and handing them to me. Don't you just love "Ham bones'" smile?! He cannot smile normally for the camera so we always wind up with interesting pictures!
"When are we going outside? I'm sick of sewing."
Look at those eyes.... you'd think I was doing something incredibly boring to get that kind of a look!
Sawyer thankfully found the fabric pencil and I was able to cut out the pattern pieces with out extracting him from sitting on the fabric!
After lunch, I ran into Honea Path and picked up some straw to put in the dog houses'. It was time to give the house some insulation as it's starting to get rather chilly at night. I'm really glad I decided to do it too as it was around 35 degrees this morning!!
Yes, those feet belong to me! Being the good dog owner that I am, I wanted to make sure that there was enough straw in the dog house and that it was warm enough!!! Lila and Buck wound up getting in with me and enjoyed "hangin" with me!

Lila obviously enjoyed the hay! After we got the hay distributed I took the dogs out to my garden to pull weeds and fix a rock border that had some directional difficulties. I so enjoyed the beautiful fall day and the time to get some much needed things done. I enjoyed every minute of it!

The Lord knew exactly what I needed and I Thank Him for it! Life is truly Good!

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