Saturday, October 13, 2007


Sayre doesn't have very many friends to play with but, there are two boys who happen to live ten minutes away from us, and it just so happens that we've known them most of our lives! (how's that for moving out to the country??!) These are the only boys that come over and goof off with him.

Left to Right: Luke, Sayre, and Samuel after making cookies. When these boys get together, you just stay out of the way and let them have fun! They go creek stompin', swimmin', fishin', roll in the mud, play with the rabbits, barter, and the latest and "greatest" craze is cooking Mac and Cheese over a campfire!

Yes that's right, these boys COOK!!! Sayre has made a small fire pit up on the "dam" and that's where they cook. I have no idea what the food actually tastes like (Does it count that I like the smell of the smoke?) and I have no desire to taste it!

They conduct a raid on the kitchen soon after Luke and Samuel arrive and manage to get out of the house with elbow macaroni, block cheese, milk, water, and whatever else they say goes in the concoction! Sayre has a stock of "Sayre sized wood" at the pond plus matches so they're set for action!

It's so neat to hear the shouts of laughter, the constant chattering, and to see the remnants of what they've been up to! Think of all the memories they will have! I think it's really neat!! Have you noted the "Sayre sized wood" up in the right hand corner? It's only six inches long, and for whatever reason, I think it's pretty cool!
Editors note: Sayre and Samuel, Thank You for letting me take pictures of your cooking!

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