Monday, October 8, 2007

Various and Sundry Items

Here are a few various and sundry pictures that I have taken the past few weeks. Enjoy!
I've had several garden spiders take up residence in my garden lately. This one strung his web across the path and scared many a person who tried to come in!

What's he doing?????????

Stealing my bunnies!!! He's highly attracted to my "garden art" these days!!

Speaking of bunnies, Sayres' babies are two months old and are getting awfully big! They are still oh so soft and very inquisitive! He's getting ready to sell two of these guys, so if you're interested......

Yes you're seeing that right!! Lila IS chewing on my rose bush!! She doesn't normally do this sort of thing and the only thing I can figure is that she saw me pruning the bushes back and decided to "help"!! What's so funny about it is that right after I took the picture, she looks at me with a look that said "Help me!" and started yelping! She had gotten her lip stuck on the thorns! She learned her lesson!
This is the sort of thing that happens when Trevor gets home....... As Tristan drives down the driveway, Trevor and Sayre "unload" the trash cans into the yard!! Yes, Trevor is a card!!!

We have recently discovered that Buck now jumps/climbs the fence to get out of the pen!!! It's hilarious to watch especially as it's so "out of character" for buck. Remember, he's an incredibly laid back dog, that will let you pull him around by his back feet!!!
Well, this is enough randomness for one day!

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Mama said...

Oh my goodness!!! Buck really IS climbing the fence! He doesn't have enough energy to do THAT!