Monday, October 8, 2007


Mommas Roses arrived last Friday much to our excitement!!! Due to a wedding and not having what we needed on hand, getting them in the ground was delayed til today. Saturday was spent digging "wells" (the holes had to be 24 inches deep and by the time you dug down that far, you were wondering if you would hit water!) and getting the holes "prepped" for planting.
We were surprised how small the roses were! We were expecting them to come "bare root" and had nice thick stalks on them. These roses were only six to ten inches tall, had very thin stems, had leaves, and in general looked very healthy! We were pleased!

Momma ordered six roses in addition to several that we were transplanting. Here, Collin and Sayre work on two holes that somehow did not get dug on Saturday. It was hot out there for about an hour, but the Lord sent cloud cover to give the boys relief the rest of the afternoon!
MOM! We've sprung a leak!
Here, Momma has finished transplanting a rose bush from my garden. I wasn't wild about the color of blooms it had, so Momma bought a rose for me to replace this one.
There was much talk and planning going on. This was a MAJOR event for us!!!

Even Sawyer got in on the action! He helped pack dirt down and even dig it up!! Getting a drink out of the hose was his favorite part!!! Don't you just love how his suspenders "match"???!!

We have two of these red-ish pink-ish roses on the premises. This one is in the garden that Momma is turning into a rose garden. She has always dreamed of having an English garden complete with beautiful roses, so this is a dream come true for her!

Here is the rose that I put in my garden. It has plenty of rabbit droppings, hay, and bone meal to keep it happy for the winter! I cannot wait til next spring to see its' blooms!! They are a "golden yellow" color and should really brighten up this section of the garden!!!
Do I talk about my Garden to much??? Please tell me if I do.

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