Monday, October 29, 2007

The Festival

Bright and Early on Saturday morning, The WashBasin descended on the downtown of Honea Path! I make it sound very dramatic, but in reality it wasn't....... unless you call seeing a "sleep deprived soap maker" dramatic!!!
Daddy and Tristan brought "the beast" all loaded down with our props while Momma and I drove "the 'burb" loaded down with all our wares!! The cupboard pictured above was our main prop. As you can see it held all of our goodies and had a "reminiscent of old times" feel to it! I was the centerpiece of the booth
A view from "the aisle"
We will confess that several of us in the Castlebury family thought our dear mother was going mad when she *ahem* "adopted" this piece of furniture! Now I think we're rather thankful for it; several people stopped and asked questions about it and even told us about the cupboard that they owned! I will admit that the cupboard was a good salesman as everything looked so inviting hung, draped, or placed on this older piece of kitchen furniture.
Sawyer stayed with us during the morning, and Momma and I had fun walking him around looking at the various booths.
Momma had the ingenious idea to make a planter out of one of the mini burlap bags that we were selling! One lady even bought one for that purpose!

Trevor, Tristan, and Sayre came toward the end of the festival. They had a blast watching the magician pull all of his tricks, and we're still talking about how he did them!!!

We learned so much with the fair and are eagerly anticipating the next fair so we can implement some "new and improved" ideas!! Of course, you need to come and "sniff our booth" next time!!

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